I'm currently working at:

1006 Lincoln Ave.
San Rafael, CA
(415) 460-6979

Street parking in the area is very limited with strict enforcement of metered and non-metered time restrictions. If you are driving to your appointment, I recommend you use the following parking garages:
"A" Street Parking Garage at 951 A St. Cheap and easy. About a 5 minute walk from the shop.

1. Please come alone.  In order to keep person to person contact at a minimum, I cannot allow guests to accompany you at this time. 
2. Please wear a mask. If you don't have one with you, I will provide you with one.
3. If the door is locked when you arrive, and no one comes to the door after knocking, please call in to the shop at (415) 460-6979
We will either let you in right away, or will be finishing up with someone shortly.

My hourly rate is $200 per hour. My current minimum charge is $200. I do not charge for anything other than time spent tattooing. There is no charge for consultations or time spent on designs.

Cash is the only form of payment I can accept. Cash only please.

I cannot supply sketches for pre-approval at any time before the day of your tattoo. Priority is always placed on designs for each day's upcoming appointments. Because of this, I never have time to sit with your design until it's turn in line presents itself. Usually a day or two before the appointment date. The initial consultation appointment before booking is used to discuss subject matter, sizing, placement, basic layout/composition and any specific details that can be contributed to your tattoo idea. Your file is then placed in line behind impending designs. My goal in each consultation is to communicate as much as possible before a deposit is taken and a tattoo appointment is booked. This helps to assure my understanding of what's important for you in regards to your requests; keeping design changes on appointment day infrequent, but if requested, usually quick and minimal.

Please remember to bring a valid ID that includes both your picture and birth date. Examples of a valid ID are a driver's license, state issued ID card, military ID, or passport. A student ID card, and temporary driver's license are not valid forms of ID. California law prohibits the tattooing of any person under 18. Parental consent is not an option.

A 200 dollar deposit is required for all tattoo appointments. Your deposit is deducted off the cost of your finished tattoo, but is otherwise non refundable. I need 48 hours notice for all rescheduling. Rescheduling within less than 48 hours of your appointment, or not showing for tattoo appointment forfeits your deposit.